Santa Rosa Beach Landlord and Tenant Attorney

Being a landlord is not easy. Often you are dealing with difficult tenants who do not understand or follow the rules set out by the lease agreement. If you need an attorney to handle your tenant matters, contact my law firm for assistance.

My law firm, William S. Howell, Jr. P.A., is focused on working exclusively with landlords to help them with their legal concerns and problems. With more than 25 year of legal experience, I provide my clients with practical solutions, negotiate whenever possible and litigate when necessary. My clients are consistently pleased with the personal service and experienced counsel I provide.

Contact a Santa Rosa Beach landlord and tenant lawyer by calling 850-387-0897.

Drafting Legal Documents and Contracts

I draft, negotiate and review lease agreements for my clients. In these transactional services, working with an experienced attorney who is particularly attentive to details and meticulous is crucial. Let me provide you with strong legal documents so that you can rest assured that your documents will protect your rights as you move forward.

Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants

If you are a landlord who is dealing with legal matters, you can contact me. I defend landlord rights in a broad range of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Tenant's failure to pay rent
  • Tenant negligence
  • Misuse or abandonment of property
  • Failure to keep the building clean
  • Failure to comply with insurance terms
  • Default
  • General lease disputes
  • Eviction

Contact a Florida Lease Dispute Lawyer

If you are a landlord in Florida and need legal representation, my law firm can help. My law firm is experienced and well respected. Contact my office online or by calling 850-387-0897.